Digital Box

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The Digital Box is a self-installing and customised kit with hardware and software required to connect machines to the internet so that the metrics flow to the "Azure" Cloud used by Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics.

This solution allows customers to remotely monitor the physical parameters and operating conditions of their components and actuation systems, such as, for example, electrical panels, productivity and efficiency of each element, energy consumption, and machine status.

The collected data is displayed in an intuitive way through user interfaces available always, anywhere and on any device.

Through consultancy analysis, in addition to identifying the sensors that need to be integrated and the software agent, the algorithms necessary for the recognition of anomalous patterns, drift, statistical or recursive phenomena and predictive algorithms are also implemented, in order to provide a full and customised solution connected to the Cloud.

  • Sensors
    The integration of sensors, such as temperature or vibration sensors, makes it possible to have constantly updated data on the machine status and on the productivity and efficiency of each element.
  • DFCOLL - Distributed Field Collectors
    Distributed System for the collection of information from the machines, through connection to the electrical panel (piece counter, status signal, alarm signal...).
    The DFColl device has 6 Digital Inputs, 4 Digital Outputs and 2 Analogue Measurement Inputs. Connectable via internal network to the CyberMES Central Server. Extendable, upon request, with additional I/O.
  • Gateway 
    The Gateway performs the main interfacing, collection and pre-processing functions of all data coming from the process, as well as the storage and re-addressing function of all messages to and from the Cloud.

Digital Box