CyberMES, management and control

Simplifies, speeds up and makes the production management control more efficient, automating business process and supporting decision-making

Manufacturing Execution System (MES), is a computerized system for the management and optimization of production process activities.

CyberMES is the solution developed by Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics that provides, in real time, the necessary information to control all the manufacturing activities and allows:

  • the full control of the processes and their progress through the monitoring of material spillages even on the machine
  • the optimal use of all productive resources (machines, molds, personnel, warehouse)
  • the reduction of waste in terms of scrap reduction, errors, downtime and unnecessary handling
  • the improvement of customer service in terms of speed, punctuality, quality and completeness in deliveries.

Cybermes core functions:

Real time production monitoring: Real Time Plant monitoring, Live factory floor status display, part name and number, spindle Speed, machine working hours, RT Efficiency.


Efficiency charts: utilization KPI, machine efficiency, utilization time.

Visual trouble shooting: alarm and warning localization, direct access to machine documentation and messages description with a complete list of events.

PMS: real time and historic trends of energy consumption, power traces, with print and export functions.

Waits and stops: accurate records of all machine downtime events, details of downtime reasons, causals detailed duration.

Scheduling: machine assignment, real time scheduling and production status verification.

CyberMES, management and control

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