Cloud solutions and data integration

Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics can promptly integrate complex process data in the company management infrastructure, thus significantly increasing overall efficiency.

There are 3 phases in this process:

  1. Product/process digitisation (IIoT): installation of processors and sensors on components and machines to constantly monitor essential parameters
  2. Data elaboration and processing: statistical analysis, model, tendencies, correlations and anomalies analysis
  3. Modelling: this is the Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics added value. Performance reference models of the machinery or the specific component are determined - energy consumption, productivity and predictive maintenance - restoring value in the form of constant information on its performance, in continuous comparison with the reference model.

The data collected through Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics IIoT solutions allow the integration and increase of the process information that can be used through traditional company it systems.

The augmented data is analysed by means of sophisticated predictive algorithms that recognise anomalous patterns and statistical or recursive drift phenomena. This data is presented in the form of intuitive reports using Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics ability to synthesise end-to-end physical cyber systems. Through a user interface that can be used always, everywhere and on all devices, it is possible to promptly identify the interventions necessary to minimise downtime and rationalise maintenance activities.

Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics is a competences accelerator. We know how to provide added value to business data to significantly reduce operating costs and increase efficiency and profitability.