Mathematical consultancy

We offer Advanced Analytics tools that monitor process performance, correlate machine operating conditions, energy consumption, component status and perform predictive analyses.

We create cloud platforms to collect process digital engineering data and services to intelligently manage production and remote maintenance.

Through our Data Scientists and industrial specialists’ domain knowledge, we study and choose the correct metrics, analyse and define the sensors needed to be installed on machines for data collection, and develop the algorithms that will ensure the effective management of the inevitable production process unexpected events.

Fundamental process parameters analytical monitoring is ensured through predictive analyses associated with the machinery operating conditions (number of shifts - operators, energy consumption, spare parts used and components condition).

Our mathematical consultancy allows you to:

  • minimise production process costs and increase efficiency and business performance
  • reduce downtime and maintenance costs by taking advantage of the data processed by customised algorithms on the systems state and operation
  • optimise the costs of managing the spare parts warehouse

Mathematical consultancy