Methodological approach

We transform the data collected through IIoT solutions into true added value.

To transform the data collected through IIoT solutions into true added value we use a consolidated methodological approach involving several stages:

  1. Technological analysis of the customer's production/industrial assets
  2. Analysis of monitoring parameters and metrics. If necessary, special applications are studied and developed using measuring instruments to feed the algorithms for predictive monitoring or for continuous process optimisation functions
  3. Parameter correlation related to maintenance, state of the components, energy consumption and production efficiency
  4. Study and construction of prototypes for component stress tests
  5. Development of customised Cloud solutions for data collection
  6. Data mining services and setup of Machine Learning algorithms during the prototyping phases
  7. Remote maintenance and process digital engineering services

Through 10-year projections, the methodological approach can highlight the advantages to the customer, such as the reduction of operating costs, cycle times or an increase in production efficiency.

Algorithm development
Algorithm development
We implement algorithms to recognise anomalous patterns, drift, statistical or recursive phenomena and we develop predictive algorithms

Methodological approach