We collaborate with the main technological players (SAP, Microsoft, Siemens, ABB) to acquire updates of data volumes from the production environment, in order to improve knowledge of the processes and define automation logics and effective interventions.

Microsoft® Azure IoT Platform

The solutions offered by Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics are implemented by leveraging on the azure cloud platform and Cortana Analytics suite of Microsoft®. In particular, through Cortana analytics suite, Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics experts analyze and translate the telemetry data with concrete actions, by combining digital and industrial competencies, to advise the customer on factory performance optimization.


  1. High-security standard platform for IoT
  2. Real-Time Data Warehouse & Big Data Solution
  3. Ability to accelerate developments, customise and scale solutions in an easy and reliable way
  4. Connection with a rich ecosystem of partner/third-party software, services and devices
  5. Ability to take advantage of the Microsoft® network worldwide support.