Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics

Consulting and solutions for digitalisation of industrial processes

Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics, a Camozzi Group company, was founded in 2015 with the aim of supporting the digitalisation of companies operating in different manufacturing sectors and which want to exploit digital innovation and IIoT solutions.

Through experience gained within the Camozzi Group, the Digital & Mechatronics division has developed wide-ranging skills in various application areas: from textiles to manufacturing, from machine tools to industrial automation.

The evolution of the industrial world has led Camozzi Digital& Mechatronics to develop solutions to connect machinery, storage and logistics systems and plants and buildings to the Cloud platform, transforming them into a Cyber-Physical System (CPS).

The innovation and digital integration of production processes, combined with the skills of a team of engineers and Data Scientists specialised in mathematics and structured software development, allows the creation of dedicated algorithms and feedback systems to optimise production processes and energy consumption and spare parts warehouse management, including in high-production industrial sectors.

Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics methodological approach transforms the data, collected through sensors integrated into machines, into added value for the customer, in terms of greater production efficiency and in operating costs and set-up times savings.

Camozzi Digital & Mechatronics